The electric actuator portfolio from Bettis covers a range of applications, from the latest in intelligent control and fail-safe technology to robust heavy-duty solutions able to withstand the harshest environments.

For decades, Bettis continues to be a single-source  Provider of field-proven, reliable and safe valve automation solutions—helping companies all over the world in oil and gas, power, chemical, water and wastewater, marine, and subsea.

LGM and BETTIS range includes:

  • RTS: Highly configurable and intelligent actuator
    with options for continuous modulation and
    mechanical fail-safe
  • XTE3000: Intelligent and versatile actuator with a wide range of torque and speed for on/off and control Non-intrusive setup via local interface,
    Bluetooth, or DCMlink.
  • SCE300: Smart, compact quarter-turn actuator