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For this reason, our technicians are specialized in finding custom-made solutions for any occasion: from large international projects to smaller ones. Starting from the study of the specifications, we are able to carry out both supplies of single components for: Solenoid valves, limit switch boxes, filters, regulators and positioners, and supplies of adaptations, assemblies and pneumatic panels.


Modec - MV34
Modec - MV34

DESTINATION: Gulf of Mexico
SECTOR: Oil & Gas
SUPPLIED PRODUCTS: Limit switch box, pneumatic panels, accompanying documentation
THE CUSTOMER NEED: Reduce coupling, assembly, testing and testing times
LGM conducted the test practices by tightening the delivery times to the end-User by two weeks, providing directly to:
- Assembly of the limit switch boxes
- Panel assembly
- Coupling between actuator and valve
- Test and production of the required documentation
- Packaging and shipping

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)
Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)

DESTINATION: Several countries along the pipeline
SECTOR: Oil & Gas
PLANT: Gas pipeline
SUPPLIED PRODUCTS: Panels, solenoid valves and limit switch boxes
Reduce assembly times and obtain quality products at a reasonable price
LGM operated directly by testing the pneumatic panels of the pneumatic package and providing limit switch boxes for manual valves and electric actuators, actively contributing to the operation of the compression and metering stations.

Pharma world
Pharma world

DESTINATION: Switzerland
PLANT: Pharmaceutical
SUPPLIED PRODUCTS: Limit switch box & solenoid valves
THE CUSTOMER NEED: Reduction of delivery times, AVL containing products made in Italy
SOLUTION: LGM, having several families of limit switch boxes and solenoid valves in stock, was able to respond promptly to the request, providing the entire package of 145 pieces in 2 days from the order date.