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TISSIN positioners are available in digital, electro-pneumatic and smart versions with different levels of protection: from the safe area to the dangerous one. The most reliable solution for any tough application, Tissin positioners are capable of operating down to -60 °.

Here the options available:

  • Housing in AISI 316 and technopolymer
  • High flow version
  • 4-20mA position transmitter that can be integrated
  • Interactions with communication protocols
  • Remote positioner

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Tissin
  • Product: Positioners


LGM ENGINEERING range of positioners are qualitatively the best on the market. Relying on an excellent segmentation of the offer, the Tissin range is ideal for day by day applications.

Westlock positioners are the best solution for the real high end part of the market

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